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The Purpose of a Wife

Have you ever tried eating your steak with a spoon? How about writing with a carrot? Do you find yourself trying to take pictures with your microwave? I certainly hope the answer to those questions is no. If we tried cutting steak with a spoon we would become quite frustrated. If we judged a carrot by its ability to write a letter we would be disappointed indeed. If we keep trying to take pictures with a microwave we will have empty picture albums. However, if we used those things for the purpose for which each was intended the use of the items would become clear. An item must be used for its purpose to be appreciated. Likewise, we need to find our purpose to understand the role we have to play in this life.

As wives, we are often hit with the world telling us that we can find purpose in ourselves. The world would have us believe that no man can tell us what to do! Submission is for weak doormats who have abandoned a higher calling. I submit to you that there is no higher calling than the one you are called to fulfill. If you are a wife you are called to fulfill that role by seeking God’s Word not the world’s advice and prideful arrogance. To know our purpose, to fulfill our calling, we need to know why we were fashioned as we are. Why was woman made? What is our purpose as a wife?

Let’s first discover why a woman was made. We learn in Genesis that the first woman, Eve, was made to be a help meet to Adam. Adam named her, woman, as she was fashioned out of his flesh and bone. Adam’s authority was reinforced by the naming of his wife. Eve’s purpose was budding as she was made to be a help meet to her husband. A wife is to support and respect her husband’s God given authority. A wife finds purpose in fulfilling her role as a loving, submissive, and God fearing woman. She is not ashamed of this position. She does not demean the will of God in her life. What greater achievement can be made but to fill the shoes made for you? A wife is depended upon by her husband for support, love, compassion, and wise counsel. A wife is her husband’s closest confidant. Our purpose is to help our husbands serve the Lord and follow the will of God. Submission is the beautiful picture of the church’s love and devotion to Christ. Our willingness to serve our husbands is about our willingness to serve the Lord.

As I sit down for dinner and look across to see a king seated at my table. As I look at my king I realize that I am his queen. Being queen is some second fiddle! The sooner a queen learns to respect her position and work within it the sooner she will see the benefits of her role. As she prepares herself daily with the Word of God and respects the authority of her husband she will be exalted. A queen’s role is to honor, respect, love, and support him daily. Her purpose is to be her king’s closest confidant. Her joy is serving her king. A queen never belittles, ignores, or disrespects her king. A queen does not conspire against her king or consort with his enemies. A queen speaks highly of her king in public. She has the power to build up or tear down her kingdom. A ceiling cannot stand without the support of the walls. Likewise, our king cannot stand without the support of the queen. Wives need to strive everyday to become the queen her Heavenly King intends her to be for her earthly king.

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The Purpose of a Wife

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